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How does automotive window film work? It’s what’s inside that counts. 

Automotive window tint is a sheet of strong polyester laminate treated in variety of ways to improve the look and performance of existing windows. One side has a scratch-resistant coating and the other has an adhesive that bonds to the glass window.

Solar control tints for auto glass work by selectively controlling the passage of the sun’s radiant energy into a vehicle, reducing cabin temperatures, enhancing outward visibility by reducing harsh glare, and nearly eliminating the damaging and dangerous effects of ultraviolet light on upholstery and our skin and eyes.

Because the sun’s energy is composed of ultraviolet light, visible light, and near infrared radiation, our high-tech films with high optical clarity have been constructed to independently regulate the passage of these three bands of energy to suit the different needs of consumers. You can choose films that: filter out ultraviolet (UV) rays, reduce visible light to control glare and improve a car’s appearance, and block most solar infrared to reduce heat without changing the appearance of the glass

Many people think that window tint is just for appearance, it’s not! Window tint does make your car look great but it also rejects heat from the sun, blocks damaging UV rays, reduces glare, and keeps you and your family safer since it bonds the glass to keep it from shattering in case of an accident or outside blow. There is a perfect tint shade for every car. Some people like the film darker for more privacy and glare control. Some people like it the same shade all the way around for a “classy” look. Llumar auto tints are available in a variety of shades and colors making it easy to accent the look of your car, while taking advantage of the pinnacle of tint technology. There’s no better combination of quality, function, and looks in automotive films anywhere else. If you’re looking for a tint that provides disruption-free use of your cell phone, GPS, and radio, our ceramic films were developed to do just that—with the quality you’d expect from Llumar and Sunray Tint and it’s guaranteed for life! Whatever your desire, Sunray Tint has the right combination for you!

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Huper Optik Ceramic Series

Huper Optik Ceramic Series

Sunray Tint

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Hüper Optik Automotive Window Films exceed your expectations with their superior performance. In addition to improving the overall comfort of riding in your vehicle, these films offer fade control and extend the life of your vehicle’s interior. By cutting out excessive glare to the eyes and cancer-causing rays to the skin, occupants are protected from the harmful effects of the sun. And by cutting down unbearable heat, these high performance films cool the vehicle more efficiently and reduce fuel consumption. The Hüper Optik nanotechnology Auto Window Tinting gives your vehicle an exquisite and classic European look, enhancing the overall aesthetics and improving your driving experience.

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We are one of the few carriers of the prestigious Huper Optiks Films

  • The world’s first solar control film
  • Uses unconventional nano-ceramics technology
  • Only film that rejects 60% heat and is legal for the two front doors
  • State-of-the-art multi-stack thin-film technology
  • Does not succumb to fading
  • Stringently tested by various labs around the world
  • Scratch-resistant hard coat
  • Ultraviolet rejection that exceeds 99.9%
  • Exudes a sense of European luxury
  • Comes with a manufacturers lifetime warranty

Reject the heat and add some style to your car with auto tinting from Sunray Tint. Call today for your FREE tinting estimate 817-337-4500


Llumar CTX series

CTX series

Sunray Tint

Enhance your vehicles aesthetic look with a true dark smoked look of Llumar CTX series window film; our most popular series.

CTX series Llumar CTX™ Films use Ceramatrix™ Advanced Technology which provides maximum heat reduction as well as excellent optical clarity and blockage of infrared rays while allowing optimum performance at all frequencies. Therefore, there is no hinderance to vehicle electronic systems and will not interfere with radio frequencies or any other electronic devices.

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We offer a customer loyalty program and various ongoing discounts.

The highest of any Llumar signal-enabling automotive film Llumar’s unique signal-enabling automotive film:

  • Ceramatrix™ advanced technology
  • Comes in selective shades up to 60% heat rejection
  • Prevents interference with your car’s electronic signal transmission
  • Comes with a manufacturers lifetime warranty

Reject the heat and add some style to your car with auto tinting from Sunray Tint. Call today for your FREE tinting estimate 817-337-4500

Llumar Air Blue 80

Llumar Air Blue 80

Windshield Tint:

Even if your side windows are tinted, you’re still missing an important level of protection from the sun: the front windshield. LLumar Air Blue 80 provides extremely effective protection against ultra violet rays and infrared heat that can penetrate ordinary window glass.

LLumar Air Blue 80 is a non-metalized, non-conductive ceramic technology film with 43% heat rejection, maximum ultra-violet rejection, excellent optical clarity, and scratch- and corrosion-resistant properties.

This film has a 78% Visible Light Transmittance, and its optical clarity and low reflectivity AP-Window-TInting-LLumar-Air-Blue-2will not interfere with night driving. Air Blue 80 will also block 99% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. This film also has signal-enabling properties to ensure no signal interference with wireless devices.

With fuel costs on the rise, every opportunity for savings is crucial. By reducing the interior temperature of your car, LLumar Air Blue 80 films can reduce the need to run your vehicle’s cooling system, and that helps your car burn less fuel.

Since tinting windshields is illegal in most states, LLumar Air Blue 80 is perfect for your windshield! It is virtually clear and will still provide excellent heat reduction. If you don’t like the appearance and darkness of tint, we can also apply LLumar Air Blue 80 to your whole vehicle! We’ve installed LLumar Air Blue 80 on cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. We also offer sunstrips for your windshield.

All patterns are cut with our computerized cutting system. Our library of digital patterns includes most current makes and models as well as many older body styles. Our tint kits will fit your car like a glove. In the event that the cutting system doesn’t have a perfect fit for your vehicle, all our installers are experienced where they are able to hand cut if necessary and your vehicle will still have that special custom look. To help your vehicle stand out even more, we offer an array of stripe kits to “customize” and bring out your style.

Let Sunray Tint protect you and your family. Once film is installed on your vehicle or home, you have 99% UV protection (which is also the fading ray), added safety because the film holds the glass together in case of an outside blow or accident, cooler temperatures inside which protect leather seats or hardwood floors, etc and live “cooler” with privacy and safety! Call today for your appointment! 817-337-4500

Reject the heat and add some style to your car with auto tinting from Sunray Tint!

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