ATR series

Get an appealing, affordable Llumar ATR series tint job from Sunray Custom Tint today and take $10 off any order over $50!

Llumar ATR series is one of our most popular series and very affordable; a hybrid metalized film with a deep smoke/charcoal look coming in a variety of shades. They reject 46 - 63% heat rejection property! Plus a manufacturers lifetime warranty.

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An affordable, hybrid metalized auto tinting option
  • 46% - 63% heat rejection properties
  • One of the most popular series
  • Deep charcoal look that comes in a variety of shades
  • Comes with a manufacturers lifetime warranty
  • Metalized series not only gives a great look for your vehicle, but also provides a major step-up in performance characteristics than the ATC series that go beyond just a color for your vehicle.
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